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Wellness Program


Wellness Program Includes:
  • Yearly Cost- No enrollment period
  • Exam fees
  • All necessary x-rays
  • Simple cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Flouride treatments


1st Person: $249
2nd Family Member: $149

All work done outside of the plan will receive a 20% discount.

Who's the Wellness Program For?

We created the Wellness Program for our valued patients who are unable to carry dental insurance, or who choose not to do so. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Those whose employers do not offer dental coverage
  • Self-employed adults who cannot afford traditional dental insurance
  • Retired or retiring individuals

Call Today To Learn More Or Sign Up:

New Patient Comprehensive Exam 100% Coverage
Periodic Exams (2 within 8 months) 100% Coverage
Digital X-Rays (Radiographs)  
All X-Rays 100% Coverage
Preventive Procedures  
Adult Cleanings (2 within 8 months) 100% Coverage
Child Cleanings (2 within 8 months) 100% Coverage
Dental Sealants 100% Coverage
Flouride, 17 and under (2 within 8 months) 100% Coverage
Other Discounts  
Maintenance Cleaning (If you need more then 2+ cleanings per year) 30% off
Periodontal Therapy 20% off
Fillings 20% off
Crowns 20% off
Bridges 20% off
Dentures & Partials 20% off
Implants 20% off
Root Canals 20% off
Extractions 20% off
Emergency Exam 20% off
Periodical Exams 20% off