Bleaching/Zoom Whitening

Currently we have 3 levels of bleaching available to our patients.

We consider Crest Strips to be the mildest form of demonstrative bleaching. These products appear like scotch tape and are folded over the front upper and lower teeth. We can provide you with “Crest Strip Professional Kits” that are stronger than the Crest Strip that are available in many commercial stores. These products are particularly useful with teenagers after their braces have been removed and for a mild bleaching if desired. Usually the strips are worn for about 2 weeks for 1/2 hours per application with two applications per day.

Tray bleaching is a process in which a softened bleaching tray or custom tray is made. The peroxide formulation is usually between 16% and 38%. Usually the patient wears the tray for 2 to 3 weeks for 1 to 2 hours per day. Tray bleaching is excellent for removing yellow and brown stains out of teeth but tends not to remove gray shades. We stay current and use the best products available. Currently we are using the Nite White/Day White whitening gel.

Luma White Plus™ Is the culmination of extensive research into light technology, chemical reaction to light and years of traditional tooth whitening experience. Combining this proprietary light technology with a specifically formulated hydrogen peroxide gel in a two part delivery system results in a tooth whitening system that significantly reduces the time it takes to achieve dramatically whiter teeth. Bleaching is becoming more and more desired by our patients. It only requires 1 ½ hours of time in our office to achieve wonderful results. A consultation appointment is required prior to scheduling a bleaching appointment. At the initial appointment we review the process and take impressions for trays that you will receive after your appointment.

Bleaching/Zoom Whitening

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