Smile Enhancement

Your dentist’s natural artistic talent is the defining factor in determining how nice your new teeth and smile will be. When making porcelain veneers or multiple porcelain crowns, Dr. March is one of a handful of cosmetic dentists that take responsibility for determining tooth shape, angle, width, length and arrangement by creating a mock up on the patient’s own teeth. This mock up process allows the patient to “preview” the final result.

A composite copy of the prototype is used as a temporary veneer or crown, which further allows the patient to evaluate the esthetics of their new smile at home and live with it on a trial basis. After you approve all aspects of your new smile, our lab receives a model of the prototype and then reproduces the defining esthetic proportions for your new porcelain veneer or crown. Dr. March has been placing porcelain veneers on thousands of patients since 1985. We have made it a priority to keep your cost fair and appropriate treatment options are always presented, giving you a financial range to best choose for their budget.


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